Massages & Treatments

for physical well-being.

A wide range of first-class massages, wraps, peelings and facial and body treatments await you at our wellness hotel on Lake Thun. The Deltaspa offers you an all-round pleasing experience. Treat your body to a soothing break and let yourself be pampered from head to toe to regain new vitality.

Massages - our highlights

A massage delivers pure bliss for body and soul. It relieves tension, reduces stress, and allows one to relax wonderfully. Our experienced staff will pamper you with a wide range of individually tailored treatments.

Body treatments - our highlights

Body treatments contribute to well-being and general health. Stress is reduced, senses are revitalized, and new energy is found. Enjoy a gentle full-body exfoliation, or encourage peace of mind with our anti-stress treatment.

Cosmetic treatments - our highlights

Discover our premium skincare line - the highest quality and effectiveness to achieve radiantly beautiful and healthy skin. We offer appointments of 50, 75 or 100 minutes. Enhance your treatment with state-of-the-art ultrasound or microneedling.

The Hairstream mobile hairdressing salon

The young hair designer Monika Schenk made her dream of a mobile hairdressing salon come true. Her modern "Hairstream" is stationed on our premises waiting to make your "Good Hair Day" a reality.

Institute for Aesthetic Medicine

Life has so many beautiful things to offer. Just like you. The Institute for Aesthetic Medicine at the Deltapark Vitalresort helps you optimize your individual beauty and bring out your aesthetic strengths. Our Institute for Aesthetic Medicine offers you specialist medical advice and high-quality treatments using the latest technology.

The Institute for Aesthetic Medicine is not oriented solely on abstract ideals of the beauty industry, but helps you achieve greater satisfaction and increased self-esteem by optimizing your individual beauty.