The Team

At the Deltapark Vitalresort.

The management and the entire Deltapark team wish you a relaxing and enjoyable stay at the Deltapark Vitalresort. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Portrait with Kevin Furrer and Rudolph Rath
Portrait of Kevin Furrer, Director of the Deltapark Vitalresort

Kevin Furrer


"As passionate hosts, we offer authentic cordiality so our guests can enjoy an unforgettable stay."

Rudolf Rath


"For me, hospitality means giving our guests a feeling of being at home."

Portrait of Rudolf Rath, Vice Director of the Deltapark Vitalresort

Human Resources

Portrait of Lea Staub

Lea Staub

Head of Human Resources & Management Assistant


Protrait by Jan Borbeck

Jan Borbeck

Head of Gastronomy
Portrait of Rolf Knecht

Rolf Knecht

Head Chef


Portrait of Larissa Muralt

Larissa Muralt

Head of Reception
Portrait of Janine Ruesch

Janine Ruesch

Head of Seminars & Events

Spa & Vitality

Portrait of Kirsten Gau

Kirsten Gau

Head of Spa & Vitality

Housekeeping & Technical Services

Portrait of Melanie Mani

Melanie Mani

Head of Housekeeping
Portrait of Dominic Schindler

Dominic Schindler

Head of Maintenance & Technical Services

Sales & Marketing

Portrait of Nadin Wenger

Nadin Wenger

Head of Marketing & Sales
Portrait of Ivana Coribello

Ivana Coribello

Sales Manager
Portrait of Chantal Lengacher

Chantal Lengacher

Sales Manager

Our Advertising Ambassadors

As a Vitalresort, we are proud to accompany sportswomen on their journey and offer them an ideal location for recovery, regeneration, and preparation for competitions.

Portrait of Tanja Frieden

Tanja Frieden

Tanja Frieden and the Deltapark Vitalresort share a similar philosophy, passion and attitude to life, sport and well-being. The Olympic snowboard cross champion has been an ambassador for the resort since the very beginning. In addition to her coaching services, Tanja Frieden is also an ideal addition to the Deltapark Vitalresort in her role as a presenter or key note speaker.

Portrait of Anouk Vergé-Dépré and Joana Mäder

Anouk Vergé-Dépré and Joana Mäder

Anouk and Joana were the first women's team ever to win an Olympic medal in beach volleyball for Switzerland. We are proud to sponsor these two athletes and offer them the perfect location for recovery and regeneration at the Deltapark Vitalresort.

Portrait Martina Wyss

Martina Wyss

In addition to numerous World Cup victories in the Swiss Telemark Team, Martina Wyss celebrated victory in the overall World Cup in 2022. In 2023, she became world champion in the classic and runner-up in the sprint.

We are delighted to be able to sponsor this top athlete. At the Deltapark Vitalresort, she finds peace and space to relax and prepare for strenuous days in the snow.