We are committed to our future.

Protecting the environment has always been particularly important to us. We therefore committ ourselves to using resources particularly responsibly. Measures to increase sustainability not only contribute to the protection of the environment, but also secure our long-term profitability.

The entire Deltapark Vitalresort with Lake Thun and nature reserve

Get involved!

Working together for climate protection and sustainability

As part of the myclimate "Cause We Care" initiative, you have the opportunity to make an effective contribution to climate protection and sustainability by making a voluntary contribution together with us.

You support our sustainability measures with CHF 2 per overnight stay. In return, we promise to double the contribution.

A portion supports high-standard international climate protection projects run by the myclimate foundation - and provides you with a climate-neutral stay. The remaining amount is invested in sustainability measures on site or in operational sustainability.

Mountain peak of the Gantrisch region with the Stockhorn

How it works

  1. Your overnight stay with us includes a small contribution towards sustainability and climate protection.
  2. We double this and donate our combined contribution into the hotel's own myclimate "Cause We Care" sustainability fund.
  3. The fund is used to finance local sustainability and climate protection measures. At the same time, the CO2 emissions of your stay are offset by a myclimate carbon offset project.

We support communal reforestation Nicaragua. In this project, small farming families work together to reforest unused parts of their land. Thanks to better use of space and sustainable use of forest resources, the wooded areas near the watershed will increase and the quality of life of the inhabitants of San Juan de Limay will improve.

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Photovoltaic system at the Deltapark Vitalresort directly on Lake Thun

Photovoltaic technology

Photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the parking garage, the sports building, and others all produce energy. Around 10% of our annual requirements are covered in this way. A large proportion of the purchased electricity also comes from renewable sources (hydropower, solar power, biogas).

Heat recovery system

Ventilation systems, tumble dryers and heating systems are equipped with heat recovery technology. This allows us to heat the boiler water to approx. 40°C without using external energy.

Water with water vapor as a symbol for heat recovery
Large ventilation system

Central ventilation system

To reduce heat loss in the cold season, guest rooms are equipped with comfort ventilation. This allows fresh air to enter all rooms in a controlled manner. Prolonged exposure with cold outside air can be avoided.

Wood pellet heating system - not oil

The Gwatt Center's original oil heating system was completely removed and a new heating distribution system and modern insulation was installed throughout the entire site. The pellet heating system is only supplemented by a modern and efficient gas heating system on the coldest days of the year.

Wood pellets as heating fuel for the Deltapark Vitalresort
A stone tower in the water

Equalization of burdens

To avoid peak consumption of electrical energy, a load balancing system (LOP) ensures that large consumers in the building are restricted if necessary.

Electric lawn mower

Almost ten of these little helpers now roam the Deltapark site. In the past, mowing our large, beautiful lawn was noisy and consumed a lot of fuel. Today, almost the entire site is groomed quietly and reliably by robot mowers.

Green grass

Bio-gas from food waste

All kitchen waste is composted in our on-site compost and reused on the grounds; food waste is shredded in the bio-rinse system, stored in an airtight container and delivered to a biogas plant approximately every three months. The compact storage system minimizes the number truck transfers to the biogas plant.

Ventilation system in the hot season

Our guests increasingly ask for air-conditioned rooms during the summer. We comply with this request to some extent, but feel that a fully air-conditioned hotel is neither healthy, nor energy-efficient. Our seminar rooms, Superior Rooms, Junior Suites, and Lake Villas are actively cooled during the hot season. All other rooms and spaces are equipt with efficient insulation, floor cooling, pre-cooling of the ventilation, and shading of windows facing the sun. In this way, we achieve comfortable room temperatures with minimal energy consumption.

The seminar building
The nature park of the Deltapark Vitalresort as a symbol of regionality

local and seasonal

Where possible, we source our raw products from regional suppliers and producers. We also cultivate our own herb and flower garden on our hotel grounds. It is very important to us to offer seasonal and local products - and to actively combat food waste.

community support

Our corporate culture promotes development, a willingness to learn and perform, trusting cooperation, and the well-being of our employees.

What we do:

- We train over 20 apprentices in 5 professions
- We offer regular internal training courses
- We support external further training
- We promote team spirit with various events and platforms
- We value the diversity in our team - employing 30 different nationalities
- We are committed to fair wages and professional development
- We promote employee health
- We strive to offer our employees the best possible working conditions and actively seek feedback to make improvements

Barefoot path at the Deltapark Vitalresort as a symbol of social sustainability
The Bernese Oberland region with Alpsee

Regional commitment

Our region is important to us. Wherever possible, we actively support and participate in the advancement of the Lake Thun tourism region.

What we do:

- We nurture regional partnerships, e.g. with BLS and the Stockhornbahnen
- We offer local small businesses a platform: Kayak Point, Absolut Outdoor & Events, Moments in Style, Dr. Bestetti, and many more
- We are actively involved in the Board of Spiez Tourism, the Board of Directors of SMAG, and other committees to actively help shape the tourism region and the economic area
- We are a partner and sponsor of local events such as the Lake Thun Games, Ironman, and Inferno Triathlon
- We actively support various clubs such as Wacker Thun, FC Thun BEO, LV Thun, etc.